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Dancers, experienced or otherwise, are expertly guided step by  step through the all the manoeuvres by our delightful Caller before the dance begins and will keep you right once we are under way . A Caller is something you don’t always find as standard at Scottish Country dances and it is one thing Two Left Feet never works without. 

People with “two left feet” have danced to and enjoyed the band Two Left Feet because we encourage folk just to participate in  the experience and not to take it too  seriously. We like nothing better than to see “dancers”   giving it their best effort and enjoying a laugh at their  mistakes. In this respect we are definitely not a Scottish Country Dance Band.

Here is a list of some of the dances we often do and of course 'call':-

Gay Gordons
Dashing White Sergeant
Strip the Willow
Canadian Barn Dance

Eightsome Reel
Virginia Reel
Two Step
Cumberland Square
and many, many more.......

(Photography by Vicky Spence)

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