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The Two Left Feet  sound is created with a combination of Fiddles,  Acoustic Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Flute, Whistles and Bodhran. All the instruments used in the band are skillfully played by very experienced professional musicians and amplified through a Hi-fi quality  Professional  PA system.

The line-up is  fiddles, whistles, banjo, flute, guitar, mandolin and bodhran.   

(click on thumbnails for larger view.)         ( Photography by Vicky Spence)

Derrick:-   Fiddle 

Nick Spencer:- caller, fiddle



Derrick started developing TLF in 1994. He started playing fiddle at the age of 11 and is still learning. Studied classical violin at school and developed interests in other forms of music after leaving, mainly Traditional Folk, Country/Bluegrass and Jazz. Currently teaches fiddle in schools with the Dumfries and Galloway Education Authority and traditional music workshops for  D & G Arts Association. Loves performing live, touring and recording but hates getting up early! Best gig has to be in front of 9000+ at the Dumfries Millennium Hogmanay party.


Nick Spencer lives in Dumfriesshire, and features as both dance-caller and fiddle-player with Two Left Feet. His first ceilidh dance experience was at age 11. When he moved to Scotland in his mid-teens, ceilidh dances were regular occurrences in village halls, and at celebrations such as weddings and Hogmanay. Nick's involvement with Scottish ceilidh dancing has taken a step up this year, having been invited to work as dance-caller with Two Left Feet as well as running his own ceilidh dancing classes in local villages. Nick has an interest in other traditional dance styles, and has attended workshops for Irish set dancing, Cajun dancing, and American square dance.
       Nick has played the fiddle for over 25 years. He won the Open Fiddle competition at Newcastleton Traditional Music Festival in 1996, and his recording of American fiddle tunes was broadcast on Radio 1's legendary John Peel Show. Nick has been leader of his own ceilidh band, and has played fiddle for the highly respected Clann-na-Gael dance group at international dancing festivals. His chief interest is in Scottish fiddle music although he also enjoys playing music from Ireland, Northumberland and the USA.        

Doug :- Flute & Bodhran

Trevor:-  Fiddle, Banjo & Mandolins.

Doug Lanchbery - Born in Dumfriesshire.  Doug plays wooden flute and bodhran with the band and is self-taught on both disciplines.  He has taught traditional music in local schools throughout Dumfries and Galloway and has run workshops and Summer Schools in the region, as well as at folk and world music festivals..  Doug is a bodhran maker as well as a player.  He was involved with Two Left Feet in it's infancy, and re-joined the band in the summer of 2003.

Trevor Leat began playing music for ceilidhs over twenty years ago whilst living on Eigg, a small island with a rich musical tradition that lies off the west coast of Scotland.

As a founder member of TLF, Trevor is always listening out for good tunes with which to expand the repertoire, which is a lively mix of Scottish, Irish, European and American tunes. He plays a variety of instruments, which help give TLF their distinctive driving sound.

Roy :- Guitar


Recently repatriated to Moniaive, session guitarist, composer and tutor Roy Marchbank has worked in all idioms of music including, jazz, classical, rock, blues, country, traditional, theatre, studio and radio, touring Europe, Asia and USA with some of the best in the industry. A guitarist of 43 years starting at age 4, he has become notorious for his incredible guitar prowess on a global scale thanks to Internet and online site “Truth in Shredding” CEO Laurie Monk”.
Roy studied at Scotland's Music College in Perth class of 88-90 shortly after immigrating to Dublin to join Martin Fureys  “Bohinta” playing guitar in pit bands for theatre shows while simultaneously recording sessions for Aine Furey, Lesley Dowdall, Marian Bradfield, Invisible Boss and hundreds of other artists in both Pulse and Sun studios.
Relocating to Scotland to join forces with Scottish act The Iron Horse touring & recording internationally for BBC’s “Celtic Connections” and a cultural exchange
programme with the Uzbekistan twenty-piece chamber orchestra Sogdiana.
Roy then immigrated to Barcelona releasing his first instrumental CD “Widowmaker’s Highway” in 2005, which finding its way to James Byrd subsequently landed him a full endorsement with both James Byrd and DiMarzio.
Roy is currently teaching at home and recording his 2nd film soundtrack cd The Grand Design.

In 2012 Roy was asked to join Two Left Feet Ceilidh Band and is enjoying making a contribution to the line-up and expanding his knowledge of Traditional Music.

Guest Callers

In memory of Kevin Bailey and Lionel McClelland

Jackie:- Whistles & Calling




Kev was TLF's caller after Jackie left in 2007. Sadly he passed away later that year.  He left us with this lovely poem 'A Seat in the Session'

Lionel McClelland was one of the original members of the band but sadly passed away in Sept 2010.  He was one of life's great personalities and leaves behind a great legacy.

Jackie is a well-known dance caller in Dumfries and Galloway and calls for several bands. She enjoys dancing herself, particularly reels and set dances and performs with Edinburgh based Irish Dance Show 'Absolutely Legless' (link www.absolutelylegless.co.uk). She has run classes and workshops in ceilidh dancing and old time dancing for beginners and experienced dancers. She is also a tin whistle player and features on the CD  Glencairn and Shinnel Folk : folk music and songs from the Moniaive and Tynron area



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